Thursday, 28 February 2013

Baked Mashed Potato

As promised in the Beef Casserole recipe, here is the recipe for the Baked Mashed Potato.  I personally dislike mashed potato to extreme levels!  It conjures up all kinds of memories from bad school dinners, where it was served up with baked beans and was usually grey-looking, and full of lumps!  Or was that just my school? :)  Then by chance I stumbled upon this recipe, and thought I'd give it a try, and I was astonished at how unlike mashed potato it is, and how moreish it is (not sure if that is a good thing for the waistline :)  )

I like to make it to go with the beef casserole (or rather, serve the beef casserole on top of a bed of this Baked Mashed Potato), it seems a match made in heaven!

You will need:

  • approximately 2 fairly large, good quality, potatoes per person (I use either Maris Piper or King Edward's), however if you want to make enough to serve the next day (with left over beef casserole) then double up quantities)
  • approx 2 tablespoons of butter (or low fat spread such as Utterly Butterly)

1.  Wash the potatoes (in their skins), and prick with a sharp knife or fork all over
2.  Pop in microwave for approx 15 mins (I used 8 potatoes and gave them 15 mins)
3.  Heat oven to 180 C (Fan)
4.  When potatoes have finished in microwave, pop them onto a baking tray, and put in oven for approx 1 hour
5.  Using a sharp knife, test the potatoes to see if they are baked.  If not fully baked, give them a while longer
6.  when baked through, slice each potato in half (length or width ways, it's not important) 
7.  Scoop out the potato with a teaspoon, into a pan large enough to take all the scooped out potato from all the baked potatoes
8.  Using a fork, 'mash' the scooped out potato, and mix in the butter/spread, continue doing this over a low heat on the hob, until the potato is smooth
9.  You can add a small amount of milk (or cream if it's a special occasion!), and a little freshly ground black pepper (I don't add salt, but you can if you prefer)
10.  Pop the lid on the pan, and keep warm until ready to serve.
11.  If you have any left over, it can be used the next day to serve with left over beef casserole, or you can easily freeze it (put it into a freezer bag), and defrost before use, then reheat either in microwave or in a small pan

This makes the most incredible mashed potato, and the colour is buttery golden, with a deep intense baked taste! Perfect!  The photo does have the baked mashed's hiding under the beef casserole!

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