Sunday, 3 March 2013

The most loveliest comment to share with you...

" Well hello Mrs Hunter....what can i have one very happy friend here!!! Just finished eating casserole and baked mash....sublime!!!! Don't think i've ever eaten so much before... i have made many a casserole in my time (as i said last night, my kind of food) but this was a bit special...i love ginger but never used it with beef before, perfect. I love the warm kick it gives. The baked mash, not done this before, and would agree it is definitely tastier than boiled potatoes. I served it with cabbage just because i love it but again i agree, any greens would be good. To summarise, a very hearty, warming, comforting and moreish dish.... thank you for sharing. Can't wait to have the rest for mid-week meals xxxxxxxxxxxxx "

Thank you Debby for such a glowing recommendation for my beef casserole :) xx

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