Sunday, 13 April 2014

Healthy Orange Cheesecake

This cheesecake is so refreshing, and healthy, in that it gives you the feeling that you've had a more decadent dessert.  It has the lowest possible fat content (which you can control) in practically all of the ingredients, it is so easy to make, so its a winner in my books!


150g of low fat cream cheese
150g of low fat natural yoghurt
the juice of 1 large orange
1 packet of orange flavour jelly (made with half of the boiled water specified on packet)
approx 8 digestive biscuits (beaten with rolling pin to a fine crumb)
approx 8 small amoretti biscuits (also beaten with rolling pin to a fine crumb)
a small amount of low fat spread melted to bind the biscuit crumb


1. melt the spread (you can use butter if you prefer but then the fat content will be raised)
2. Stir the melted spread into the biscuit crumb and mix thoroughly until all crumb is coated by the melted spread
3.  press the biscuit crumb into a 8in diameter shallow dish, or you can make this in individual ramekins (as in the photo)
4. Make the jelly as directed on the packet, but only use half of the boiled water specified (you will be adding more liquid to the jelly so you do not want it too runny or it will not set firm)  leave to cool slightly
5. Mix the yoghurt and cream cheese together in a mixing bowl and add the juice of the orange (you can strain this if you want a smoother texture, or leave it natural if you don't mind bits of orange in it)
6. Pour the cooled jelly into the cheese, yoghurt and orange juice mixture, and stir well
7.  Pour onto base, or into the individual ramekins (could make approx 6-8 depending on size of ramekins)
8. Leave to set for a couple of hours in the fridge


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