Monday, 3 June 2013

Orange Cheesecake - a semi healthy one too!

This cheesecake is a fairly healthy creation, no bake, and so easy, yet tastes so fresh and summery...the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ or salad lunch.

To make this you will need:

150 ml natural yoghurt
1 pack of jelly (orange flavour)
cheesecake minus 2 slices!  Not a good photo, sorry!
30 g butter
8-10 digestive biscuits
100 ml water (cold)
250 ml lightest cream cheese or mascarpone


1.  Crush the digestive biscuits to fine crumbs.  Melt the butter in a medium sauce pan, and add the crushed biscuits.  Ensure the melted butter has coated the crumbs thoroughly.  Then press the buttered crumbs into a flan dish to cover the base and sides of the dish.

2.  Put the jelly into a microwaveable jug or bowl, and add the 100 ml of cold water, and heat on full for 1 minute in microwave.  Leave to cool slightly

3.  In a bowl, mix together the natural yoghurt and cream cheese, then add the cooled jelly liquid, when thoroughly combined, pour mixture into the flan dish with the biscuit crumb lining the base and sides.

4.  Leave to set overnight in a fridge.


  1. What a fantastic recipe, Denise!!!! I LOVE cheesecake but never eat it, as Em is allergic to cheese (of all kinds) and he pulls faces when I mention cheesecake :) But this recipe is so easy and no mention of any kind of cheese anywhere - inspired!!

    1. Oops..sorry Callie, but I left the cream cheese ingredient out in error!! Poor em :( However, I wonder if you could make it without the the cream cheese or mascarpone, and perhaps double the quantity of natural yoghurt? I need to sack my typist LOL However, just a thought, the cheese is undetectable in this recipe as there is strong orange flavour coming through, so if it was just a strong dislike to cheese of any type, rather than an allergy to it, the maybe you could 'sneak' some into the recipe and Em may not detect it! So long as he doesn't read this to find out how we are plotting!!